Junior Cert

Ongar Grinds provides weekly grinds for 3rd year students in French, Spanish, and Maths. We have grinds for students taking the ordinary level exam and the higher level exam.


Grinds are a great study tool to help reinforce the students school learning and focus on important exam topics. We keep class sizes small, no more than 10 students, in order to give dedicated time and attention to each individual student. Grinds give a student the ability to spend extra time on important or difficult topics that cannot always be found in the standard classroom environment. Many 3rd year and junior cert students struggle with dedicating enough study time to subjects that they may find difficult. Many can also be overwhelmed by the amount of work required to revise the three year course, especially as this is their first experience with large exams. By participating in extra classes with Ongar Grinds these students can get the necessary help they need to do well in their exam.


Our Junior Cert Grinds:

Our Leaving Cert Grinds

  • Maths

  • Spanish

  • French

Class Schedule

Ongar Community Centre
Junior CertMathsHigherSaturday10am-11amOngar Community Centre



Term 1 - 14 weeks


Term 1 - 14 WeeksPrice
Term 1 - 14 Weeks€392

Term 2 - 17 weeks


Term 2 - 17 WeeksPrice
Term 2 - 17 Weeks€476

* Payable in advance of the student joining the class. Payments reduce by €28 per week once the classes start and the student joins during the term.
* Discounts offered if a second or third subject is taken up. Similar discount offered for siblings.

  • 20% off for a second subject 
  • Example – Term 1: Subject 1 - €392, Subject 2 - €313.60 – Total cost €705.60
  • 20% off for a second family member

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