Junior Cert Maths Grinds

The junior cert is a great way for students to get used to the practice of sitting state examinations and it also consolidates what maths they have learned to date.


Maths is a core subject in school, and it is important to get the highest grade possible, which will make life easy for the student going forward, allowing them to have greater freedom of choice.

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Higher-level maths grinds

So, you have decided you’re ready to take on higher maths in the junior cert but seem to be having a little bit of trouble with some aspects and are worried you may not attain the grade you are hoping for.


Don’t worry! Ongar Grinds are here to help students in Dublin, offering grinds for both higher and ordinary level junior cert students, and will tirelessly work alongside them to ensure they get the grade they want.

Ordinary-level maths junior cert grinds

In the junior cert, students can struggle with prioritizing which subject to study, and for how long, and others don’t deem these exams to be particularly important. These are things that can trip students up in the long term and can encourage bad habits which can be detrimental, particularly as students progress towards leaving cert and beyond.


The inclination can oftentimes be to focus more on subjects that the student is good at, and what is enjoyable to them.


Our maths grinds teachers are here to simplify maths equations and theories, so that the student can come to the realisation that they can do it and can achieve the results they desire.

Junior Cert Maths Grinds FAQs

  • How long is each maths grinds lesson?

    Each of our grind’s lessons is an hour for both leaving cert and junior cert classes

  • Where can I get junior cert grinds near me?

    Ongar Grinds offers maths, Spanish, French and accountancy tutoring in Ongar Village, Dublin 15.